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Watch out for people who have the letters SM on their skin! They are believed to belong to the Mara Salvatrucha group associated with immigrants from El Salvador. They are extremely violent members, they work in gangs and reside mainly in the American Southwest.

ACAB tattooACAB is a common British Tattoo and means all police officers are Type B. You can find this tattoo on the joints of angry gang members or detainees. It is a tattoo signifying the bloody impulses directed at the police and will soon reach America, despite the anti-political rhetoric that is now flooding the streets.EWMN tattoo. Watch out for people tattooed using EWMN! These initials are derived from ” Evil. Wicked. Meaning. Nasty. “and it’s not about Hillary Clinton!

They became a different way of expressing themselves

This tattoo is adopted by a person who has an aggressive attitude and bad behavior towards those around him. Those so tattooed are willing to do anything to prove their posture described in four letters.Tattoos are and have always been used not only for decoration, they have specific meanings.

They became a different way of expressing themselves. Now that the warm season has arrived, everyone wants to stand out for something more special. A tattoo can help you become special to everyone by giving you a sense of confidence. The design of each model chosen for the tattoo has a seemingly hidden, coded meaning. ) tattoos with stars symbolize ambition, goals, goals, Enlightenment, science and beauty. So, when you have a new goal to achieve, you can opt for a star tattoo. Shooting stars represent a few moments that have left a lasting impression on your life. These tattoos give the girls a mysterious look.2) floral tattoos symbolize love, innocence and vitality. Among the flowers, a Rose is often worn around the neck by girls, and a tattoo of a rose with thorns can signify beauty and pain, love and sacrifice.

They became a different way of expressing themselves

Magnolia, Lotus, jasmine or sunflower are a few other flowers you can choose to tattoo because they signify innocence and vitality.3) butterfly tattoos symbolize rebirth, femininity and elegance. A butterfly tattoo on a woman’s neck is easy to cover up, if at some point you don’t want it to be visible, it’s a very delicate model.4) tattoos with angels or fairies signify purity and love. Angels send messages from God to mortals, the tattooed Angel Has the biblical quality of whoever chooses to get such a tattoo. Angels are usually best applied with their wings. Cupid is one of the most famous Angels chosen by young ladies, symbolizes love and turns a woman’s neck into something unique and mystical.5) tattoos in foreign languages.

With a zodiac tattoo on your neck

Most commonly used are Chinese tattoos with letters that have attracted the attention of the world. Sacred texts of other cultures, such as Indian, Hebrew and Japanese, are also commonly used in tattoo art. They work better when the selected text has a special meaning for you.6) tattoos with names don’t have to explain the symbolism, because when you decide to get one, it already means a special meaning.7) tattoos with different symbols or signs of the zodiac. A zodiac tattoo is the best way to tell you about your personality. With a zodiac tattoo on your neck, you can make everyone around you discover what kind of person you really are.

Feminists would like to have a tattoo with a yin-yang symbol that represents the balance between men and women.8) portrait tattoos are most often done to commemorate a person or even an animal who is no longer with us or to show their love for that creature.

Even if they are difficult to make and require a lot of experience from a tattooist, they have a special meaning for everyone.9) 3d tattoo designs have become very sought after with the advent of 3D films. as with movies, the effect of 3D tattoos is just an illusion, and tattooers add shadows that give the impression that the drawing is real.0) wrist tattoos highlight the delicate and beautiful wrist and can convey important information about the user of such a tattoo (benevolent or rebellious, traditionalist or rebellious, minimalist or sophisticated). Experts say the wrist is the right place to decorate the body.

With a zodiac tattoo on your neckA history of tattooing, from ICE man to Hollywood stars. Primitive people used tattoos during rites of passage to protect themselves from the forces of evil or simply from the desire for beauty. Today, this fashion is very popular among artists, whether rock singers or film actors.In 992, a man’s body was discovered in the Alps near Austria’s border with Italy.

The proof was that just after World War II

With clothes and equipment well preserved in the ice, archaeologists have estimated it to be more than 5,000 years old. The discovery caused a sensation. His name was “Otzi, the ice man”. Otzi had marks around his ankles and knees that closely resembled today’s tattoos. There were 58 such drawings consisting of simple dots and lines, and historians appreciated that the tattoos were not random, and the practice was probably common at the time.

The proof was that just after World War II, in 948, Russian archaeologist Sergei Rudenko discovered during excavations in the Altai Highlands, on the border with China, a Scythian leader whose body was depicted with animal images. fantastic: Griffins and monsters whose meaning was magical but also purely decorative.

All showed the social status of the tattooed. The Mummy was over 2,400 years old and was very well preserved.Egyptians spread the art of tattooing around the worldPrimitive peoples tattooed their teens as a rite of passage. The theory was that a boy who could not bear such pain would not be useful in combat. Similarly, it was thought that girls could not cope with the torment of childbirth. Many of these children, considered below standard, were tattooed with a sign barring them from the tribe.

Animal totems were a common motif among primitive peoples. It is believed that the bearers of images of snakes, frogs, butterflies, wolves or bears have acquired, through association magic, some of the power of these animals.