Biohazard Tattoo

Biohazard Tattoo Design Drawn by Greg James

Biohazard Tattoo Design Drawn by Greg James

The biohazard warning symbol is a popular tattoo, partly owing to its innately intricate and interesting pattern, partly to its resemblance to tribal tattoo art, and partly to what it symbolizes. It is internationally recognized as “the potential presence of a biohazard” (a biological substance that poses a hazard to humans). The symbol was developed by the Dow Chemicals Biohazards Research and Development team on a contract with the National Cancer Institute (NCI), after deciding that a warning symbol to enhance biohazard containment was critically needed. The team that formally developed the symbol, with much testing and redesign, eventually came up with the one that we know today, satisfying their initial six requirements: that it be (1) striking in form to draw immediate attention, (2) unique and unambiguous, (3) quickly recognizable and easily recalled, (4) easily stenciled, (5) symmetrical in order to appear identical from all angles, and (6) acceptable to groups of varying ethnic backgrounds.

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