The anchor is one of a handful of symbols in the tattoo world which has remained both popular and true to its origins. The bearer of the anchor is likely a seafarer of some type–traditionally military (Navy, Marines, or Coast Guard) but sometimes also recreational. In maritime lore, the tattooed anchor showed that a seaman had sailed the Atlantic Ocean. In ancient times among Mediterranean seafarers, the anchor symbolized the sea gods. In early Christianity, the anchor (with horizontal tie bar under the ring) was used as a covert symbol by virtue of its resemblance to a cross. Indeed, the crux dissimulata is just an anchor. Many times the anchor is combined with other symbols that elaborate something more specific–various creatures of the sea, ships, lifesavers, names of ports. In general, though, it guarantees stability and security in the physical world and by extension also steadfastness, hope, and trust in the spiritual world.

Anchor Tattoo

Anchor Tattoo

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