Devil Girl Pinup Tattoo

As a compliment to the Angel Girl Pinup, the Devil Girl balances the scales in traditional paired tattoo fashion by being the definitive opposite. Not only is she opposite in meaning, being from that netherworld region of banishment and suffering, she is also opposite in orientation, with a mirror symmetry that makes her ideal for a right versus left body placement across from the angel. Even their coloring puts them at odds. Where an angel might not have seemed the most expected or common type of pinup girl, she now makes complete sense in light of her companion. Although admirers might be in pursuit of or aspire to the Angel Girl, the Devil Girl is doing her own choosing and chasing.

Devil girl pinup tattoo design by Greg James.

Devil girl pinup tattoo design by Greg James.

The female demon is also known in Medieval myths as the female form of the incubus, known as the succubus. In her guise as a powerful, even domineering, seductress, the succubus uses her sexual wiles to lure men into having sex, even when they are asleep. In fact, the word succubus comes from a Latin word meaning to “lie under.” The Devil Girl Pinup is thus unabashed, undiluted, and unadulterated temptation and sexuality personified. With her scanty attire, high heels, and pointy tail, she still seems perfectly comfortable, even sitting amidst the flames. Her wings, although bat-like, hint at another association with her opposite since, in one legend, the incubus and succubus are fallen angels. For pinup girl fans who have a hard time choosing between these two types of girls and tattoo symbols, the paired Angel Girl and Devil Girl provide a classic solution to the decision dilemma.

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