Angel Girl Pinup

Angel Girl Pinup Tattoo

Angel Girl Pinup Tattoo Design by Greg James.

Often times tattoos are considered in isolation, created and appreciated one at a time. Tattoo collectors will seek out famous artists for their signature piece or style while more casual and spontaneous clients simply want to satisfy their craving for another piece of art. Tattooing, however, also has a tradition where pairs of tattoos are created together. From the “Sweet and Sour” babies (one happy and one crying), to “Laugh Now” and “Cry Later” done with the comedy and tragedy masks of drama, or just HATE and LOVE lettered on the fingers of each hand, paired tattoos are meant to be seen together and to compliment one another. In this post, we look at a pinup girl duo that epitomizes the classic paired tattoo treatment.

An angel, in virtually any culture or religion of the world, is a representative of some higher spiritual existence. More specifically though, they come from that higher place in order to mediate between it and we mere humans. In fact, the word angel comes from the Greek word for “messenger.” Kind and gentle, they often play the role of guide or guardian. The female angel as a pinup girl ties together these benevolent and hallowed qualities with one that is essential to all pinups, beauty. Her feathered wings and luminous halo in no way detract from the curve of her figure. All of her aspects meet with our expectations, as does a beauty of face and form that approaches perfection. She may sit on billowed clouds but her alluring pose is pure pinup.

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